Drawing of a Lockheed L10A Electra


For a several years now composers and artists are searching for technologies in various domains not only including the digital medium and artificial intelligence but also on fields as diverse as Perception, Geometry, Prediction, Set Theory, and not to mention a bit of linear algebra. The aim of this effort is to help, assist, support and exchange knowledge, in all related fields needed for an artist, a creator or a composer to engineer and prototype tools and elements for developing a work of art. It is common knowledge that not all artists have scientific or technological education, and not all scientists perform well in domains of the arts. A purpose here is to support and to help bridge to some of limitations and gaps by providing intermediate solutions on interdisciplinary contexts on which these relations could happen.

As a principle we believe that music and the arts are a vital part of society not only in history but in modern times. A society that neglects creation and imagination through the arts does so to its own detriment. Art and music evoke emotion and sensitivity and furthermore inspire feelings of achievement, ingenuity and development among its individuals. These qualities are necessary developing ideas in an advanced intelligent community and help for a better well being. Music and the arts provide identity and culture. Music and the arts are intellectually stimulating. They are as fundamental as to many of the most important rituals and events in every culture, every generation throughout the history of mankind. As such the arts are core elements for understanding people no matter time or geography.


This site is an effort to assist on new music creation and edge on the arts. Here we articulate about congruity on junctions with technology, engineering and science, serving as leap over challenges that might appear on unconventional paths.

Here we are not necessarily focusing around aviation. However, and to a great degree, aviation results as a substance of ingenuity and imagination which further embodies aircraft design and flying. An aftermath of flying is a vision of worlds from atop and afar which likewise hinge qualities seldom noticeable on creative minds. Thereby, a concrete and possible intersection among science and the arts by means of technological innovation can be substantiated. We are hoping these pages could be helpful on perusing and conceiving ideas for development of "new" works on music and the arts.

Drawing of a Lockheed L10 "Electra" reminisces on dawning of illusions incarnated from minds "flying high". Thereby, getting on a myriad of perspectives that often illuminate into more ideas and paths.


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